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I Am Sacred Radiance Oil


I Am Sacred Radiance Oil

Sacred is a part of our specialty line for spiritual support and emotional wellness. It is a bathing oil inspired by a self-love concept. This product is about adornment. It is about protection and higher standards. It is made with a special blend of essential oils and floral essences. As we believe that the just buying this product in and of itself is declaring a high regard for yourself, we spared no expense in making it.

Sacred is lavender, chamomile and magnolia wrapped in argan and sweet almond oils. It is intoxicating. Add a few drops to your bath water. After safely exiting the tub, you can adorn yourself in this oil before prayer. It is a great spiritual practice.

How to – Lightly rub this healing blend of plant oils all over your body. It will immediately penetrate leaving you moisturized and refreshed. Best absorbed when pores are open after a warm shower or bath.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, argon oil, essential oils of rose, chamomile and fragrance.

[ SHG025 ]

$ 109.00