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I Am Anointed Radiance Oil


I Am Anointed Radiance Oil

Anointed is a part of our specialty line for spiritual support and emotional wellness. It is a bathing oil inspired by a self actualization concept. This product is about reflection, purpose, identity and empowerment. It is made with a special blend of soft butters and essential oils. As we believe that the just buying this product in and of itself is declaring a high regard for yourself, we spared no expense in making it.

Anointed is lavender and orange wrapped in argon and sweet almond oils. It is designed for relaxation and comfort. Add a few drops to your bath water. After safely exiting the tub, you can adorn yourself in this oil before prayer. It is a great spiritual practice.

How to – Lightly rub this healing blend of plant oils all over your body. It will immediately penetrate leaving you moisturized and refreshed. Best absorbed when pores are open after a warm shower or bath.

Ingredients: Almond oil, argon oil, neroli, carrot seed oil, fine French lavender and vitamin E.

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