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Rose Garden Radiance Oil


Rose Garden Radiance Oil

Rose Garden Radiance is a part of our specialty line for spiritual support and emotional wellness. It is an after shower splash inspired by a self-love concept. Like sacred, this product is about adornment, but is even more about sensuality and femininity. It is about feeling beautiful again. It is made with bright floral essences and is will capture attention.

How to – Lightly rub this healing blend of plant oils all over your body. It will immediately penetrate leaving you moisturized and refreshed. Best absorbed when pores are open after a warm shower or bath.

Remember, our oils are scientifically designed for immediate absorption. You will fall in love with the silky texture of this light formula that will keep your skin soft and hydrated all day without feeling greasy. This product is best absorbed after bathing while the pores are still open. Apply all over the body.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, argan oil, essential oils of rose, geranium and fragrance.

[ SHG027 ]

$ 109.00