Bogalusa Organic Hair Butter


Bogalusa Organic Hair Butter

Our first product! Yep, Bogalusa, named to honor the owner’s family and hometown, was created over 25 years ago because Anoa Stephanie Gollman couldn’t find a good natural hair grease. This very rich, vegetable butter is loaded with the highest quality ingredients that were scientifically designed to soften thick hair without the use of one chemical. We then jarred and marketed out Bogalusa to provide the American consumer with a healthy hair product that really works. The owner still uses it to this day.

How to – Rub a small amount of Bogalusa in your hands for about 10 seconds. It will melt quickly with your body’s natural temperature. Generously massage into your hair and scalp. For an extra softening affect add to hair after washing with a conditioning shampoo. Braid hair into sections overnight.

Key ingredients – Fresh Food Grade Shea butter, avocado oil, neem, hemp seed oil, vegetable glycerin, lanolin, essential oil of rosemary, vitamin E and fragrance.

[ SHG051 ]

$ 45.50