Green Therapy Hair Butter


Green Therapy Hair Butter

Our vitamin rich, vegetable butters were created because we saw so many women walking around with severely damaged hair, mostly due to harsh chemicals and over processing. The creators of this product were sick and tired of companies marketing olive oil and other “green butters”, to women that were loaded with harmful chemicals and not enough vegetables to truly have a meaningful impact on hair health. Thus, Sheago Cosmetics created this green formula to provide the American consumer with a healthy hair product that really works. Try it today.

How to – Rub a small amount of this vitamin rich avocado and hemp seed blend into those beautiful curls to deeply moisturize and condition after feeding your scalp our green therapy hair oil. For an extra softening affect, add to hair after washing with a conditioning shampoo and braid into sections overnight.

Key ingredients – Green tea butter, avocado oil, whole leaf aloe, hemp seed oil, broccoli seed and spinach leaf oil, essential oils of lemongrass, basil, and lime and vitamin E.

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