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Clarifying Rose & Bergamot Toner


Clarifying Rose & Bergamot Toner

Our toners are much like serums that provide a strong and deliberate dose of vitamins and essential oils. But, our Rose & Bergamot formula is special. Those with problem spots anywhere on the body may want to splash with this toner, not just the face. We have had amazing feedback from our clients suffering from eczema and light dermatitis. Allowing this toner to air dry for a few minutes before applying a Sheago moisturizer provides the skin with more natural nutrients. If you are using this toner on a “problem” area, we recommend using Green Therapy I immediately after the toner dries and then the Sheago Day Cream 5 to 10 minutes after the use of the therapy ointment.

How to – Pump a generous amount of toner into your hands and splash over your face after cleansing. Allow to air dry before applying Green Therapy Oils. This gentle toner is best used after washing with the grapefruit cleansing gel or detoxifying soap. This product must be followed with a Sheago moisturizer.

Ingredients – Aloe vera, essential oils of rose and organic bergamot Calabria oil.

[ SHG043 ]

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